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Inside you have 4 chapters with step by step videos on everything you need to know about Airtouch, one is a full class on a mannequin head where I explain the basics of this technique and the 3 other chapters include full applications with step by step instructions on 3 different models with different requests including a color correction. And right at the end you have a quick bonus on how you can use this technique on a haircut service.

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Master colorist


I am Anca , certified master colorist passionate about hair, wellness and education. The thing that keeps me going is progression. I always like to learn something new , I enjoyed every course I took in person or online in my 13 years career and I am so excited to share my knowledge with you. I like challenges aka color corrections and I strongly believe ,the more techniques I know, more creative I can be . No matter how much I know I will always continue my education either for my career or my personal development .Becoming an educator keeps accountable to learn more so I can share more and give back to this beautiful industry.

Seamless Blonde

  • 1

    Chapter 1

    • Basics-part 1

    • Basics-part 2

    • Basics-part 3

    • Basics- part 4

    • Final look

  • 2

    Chapter 2- Model 1

    • Model 1-part 1

    • Model 1-part 2

    • Model 1-part 3

  • 3

    Chapter 3-Model 2

    • Model 2- part 1

    • Model 2-part 2

    • Model 2- part 3

  • 4

    Chapter 4-Color Correction

    • Color correction- part 1

    • Color correction- part 2

    • Color correction- part 3

    • Color correction- part 4

  • 5


    • Quick haircutting trick!!!

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